You Know You're in a Large Family If

Being in a large family, being PK's (Pastor's Kids), and homeschooling, well, that makes for a unique childhood. We often laugh at our "norm" knowing how strange we must seem to other families. Let me explain.

Noise level

I'm not sure if my kids understand the word quiet. To survive in a large family one must learn to jump into conversations which is a learned skilled.


Yes, one must learn to grab a bag of chips, secretly sneak to one's room, and hide the bag, quickly. Yes, even mom has a hiding spot. It's survival people!

And NEVER, and I mean NEVER, put down your food and walk away. Somehow it will disappear.


A large family one must learn to embrace the bathroom situation. In our home we have a girl's bathroom and a boy's bathroom. There is no such thing as a long hot shower...unless you choose to rise before the sun.

Sharing Bathrooms

You will forever be looking for the toothpaste cap and NEVER sit on the toilet unless you check for toilet paper first. Yes, toilet paper is a hot commodity!


The never ending sock basket. Oh have I tried to match socks. I've given up all hope. I'm just happy if the kids can find any socks to wear!

We are never done with laundry. In my fantasies I can actually see my laundry room floor. But alas, that shall never be.

So many children! So many names...

One must understand your mother will call you at least 3 other names before finally getting to your name. Just go with it.

All the questions you'll get!

Be prepared, when out in public with the entire family, to be asked some personal questions. Yes, they are all our children. (No, I just picked up some random kid off the street). Yes, we know what caused this and we really enjoy it. And yes, I have a hobby.


Coffee (for mom) is not a luxury but a medical necessity. It's for the safety of all who live in the house.

The obligatory "Homeschooler Van"

It's only a matter of time before you are the proud owner of a 15 passenger van.

You don't have to worry about that milk going bad!

we could buy milk in bulk without fear of spoilage!

You learn to laugh

One must have tough skin to be in a large family. No sissies in this tribe. Whether it's wrestling on the living room floor, learning that sharing is not just a nice gesture but rather mandatory, or simply learning to take a joke. It's socialization at its best! One must learn to live with various personalities in peace.

Peyton never fails to make me laugh!

So, as you can read, there are many blessings to being a part of a large family. Perfect families don't exist. We don't get to choose our family. Love is something that we must learn...must work towards, struggle with, and pray for continually.

Walter and I didn't set out on our journey to have 10 children. But we have always prayed, seeking God's will for our life. Raising a large family is not easy. We have daily challenges. But with these challenges come many blessings. If you can relate to any of the above, you might be a large family.

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Welcome to our home, my name is Michele. My husband, Walter, and I have been happily married (most of the time) for 28 years. My husband is the Pastor of Strong Tower Church while I work as a Critical Care Nurse. Together, we have been blessed with 10 beautiful children.

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