When God Speaks

My husband and I spent over 25 years taking care of our healthcare business, our parents, and others at the end of their life. We never had children and to be honest, we were just too busy to explore why we were not blessed with biological children. I deeply yearned to be a mother, but it just seemed like a distant, impossible dream.

But then God spoke...

It was almost eight years ago that we received a prophecy that "kids are coming." We naturally assumed this meant our estranged nephews would return to our lives (Which they did...a completely different miracle). We never really thought that the prophecy could have an entirely different meaning.

But then God spoke...

Again, the Word of the Lord was given over our lives. We received a prophecy that something big was coming and not to worry about the finances...and we would no longer recognize ourselves nor our family. Honestly, we had no idea what that meant at the time.

But then God spoke...

In May of 2019 I had a God given dream. We were adopting children from Ukraine! I told my husband, who immediately said, "no way." Neither one of us had a desire to travel in this unstable political climate. So, we chose to initiate local American adoption/foster approval. But deep down, from the very first day, something felt wrong. We were told that it would take years and even then would be lucky to adopt a child that had deep psychological and emotional issues. And it would take three years for the child to become a permanent member of our family. Something didn't feel right.

But then God spoke...

After sharing my heart and my dream about adoption with a dear friend, we were introduced to Pastor Donnelly and his wife, Michele, who had adopted four children from Ukraine. We had the opportunity to meet with them and, after hearing their story, I felt a confirmation in my spirit that this is where God was leading. Yet, my husband, still had his concerns.

Donnelly Adoption: https://www.raisingourtribe.org/post/life-in-a-big-family-one-year-after-adopting

In July of 2019 we volunteered at Bridges of Faith, a summer camp for Ukrainian orphans. As a Nurse Practitioner, I was teaching a CNA class to teen girls while we both volunteered as "house parents" for a group of Ukraine orphans. It only took two days working with the children to convince my husband that we were on the right path. So as we smiled, played, and tried to communicate with the children we began to pray for God to lead us to "our children."

While teaching the CNA course to the orphan teens, I met Dasha. At that time Dasha was 15 years old, very independent, always so helpful, intelligent and already learning English. We felt drawn to her, yet according to the camp regulations, we were not to mention adoption. So we continued to quietly pray for God's wisdom and direction.

As we ended our week of volunteering we had to say goodbye to Dasha. I told her that we planned to returned in five weeks to spend another week volunteering with the orphans. Her words broke my heart as she said, "they all say that." These children had experienced so many broken promises. But not this time. We would return.

It wasn't long until we returned to Alabama, to volunteer at Bridges of Faith ministries. We were devastated to learn that another family was interested in adopting Dasha. What had happened? We felt so deflated and even hurt. We were certain that Dasha was to be our daughter. We returned home feeling completely defeated.

Once home, we continued with our American adoption process. But deep down we knew this was not the direction for our family. It just felt "off." We couldn't help the strong feeling that we were suppose to adopt older children. We felt that God wanted us to help launch them into a wonderful, successful future. So we continued to pray.

But then God spoke...

We received a message that Dasha's adoption had fallen through and that she was requesting our contact information. Since we never mentioned adoption to her we were pleasantly surprised when we received a message from her in regards to her joining our family. We were certain that God had led us to Dasha so we gladly pursued adoption. We continued our communication throughout the long adoption process.

Dasha had spent 10 years in the orphan boarding school. We knew that God had specifically chosen her to be our daughter. But we also knew that she was only the first of our children to travel across the ocean to experience the powerful of love of a family.

Since our SDA appointment was not scheduled until March of 2020, we decided to host her during the Christmas holidays of 2019. We really missed her! We also hosted a teen boy in hopes of finding another "match" for our hopefully growing family. The hosting experience was wonderful. By the end of our visit we knew we could help him-if that is what he chose. Again, we were not to speak of adoption while the children were in our home. But not long after he returned to Ukraine, we learned that he wanted to be adopted. So the fundraising began...

Adoption is expensive! We were not used to asking others to donate to our dream. Some wise friends encouraged us to allow our family and friends to join the journey. We were pleasantly surprised as people so graciously donated towards us becoming a family. Oh, we did get the occasional warning of the pitfalls of adoption, but we refused to be deterred. We were not going into this blind to all the "issues" of adoption. But we truly felt that God had ordained this path for us to walk upon...no matter how hard it may become. God's will is not always easy!

Only three days before we were to board the plane to attend our SDA appointment in Ukraine, where we were officially secure Dasha as our daughter, our world suddenly fell apart. It was March 2020 and Covid 19 had arrived...grounding all planes with it. We had all waited so long. Now we would have to wait even longer...and no one knew for certain when we could travel to Ukraine.

I'll admit, I was frustrated. Was this a sign to give up? We tried to stay hopeful as the days turned into months. It was during the long waiting that we learned that the teen boy was no longer adoptable. Although hurt, we had to except that God is ultimately in control and He obviously shut the door for him to become our son.

Discouraged and disappointed, but not defeated. There was another young man who we had met and was now available for adoption. So as April, May and now all June appointments were canceled, we continued to seek the will of the Lord.

On a hot July day, we finally boarded a plane for Ukraine...in the middle of world wide pandemic. The adoption process is long and somewhat difficult in "normal" circumstances. Now, we had to add in Covid testing, quarantining, and so many more measures. People told us we were crazy. But when God compels you to go, you just obey. So simple, yet so difficult at the same time.

We finally had our appointment for Dasha! We were all so excited. But while in Ukraine, we learned that the other young man that we wanted to adopt had been moved to a foster home during the pandemic and was now unadoptable. Seriously? The pain of losing another "son" was heart wrenching.

But then God spoke...

It was June of 2020 when the Lord gave me a vivid dream. We were adopting multiple children. I had to laugh when, after telling my husband all about my dream, he said that he hoped God made it very clear and easier this time.

In August of 2020 we would travel back to the Ukraine for our second SDA appointment. While there, we met some beautiful children. Our hearts immediately connected with a boy/girl sibling group. Already approved for more children, we moved forward towards adopting them.

Again, we were told they were not adoptable. How could this be happening? It was during this crazy time that we met Anton. His situation was complicated. After spending time with him we felt that we could blend well as a family. Even more importantly, he looked exactly like the boy in my dream! Anton was miraculously ready to take the leap and join our family. Now we had two children in the adoption process. Could this be all God had for us? Were we done?

But then God spoke...

After returning home we received a call informing us that the younger sibling group was now adoptable! After spending much time in prayer, we felt led to proceed. We submitted a new home study and somehow received a speedy USCIS approval for four children. And everything seemed to be lining up with our two teen adoption dates. We had hoped to bring them all home together. But as we all know, nothing is simple in life.

During the time of our adoption my employment went to a higher corporation. I had worked three days per week for them and went on our trip to Ukraine. I feared that the new corporation would not allow me time off for an unknown time frame to complete the adoption. I had to sign a special power of attorney at the US Embassy to allow my husband to do all the trips alone, if needed. It was stressful beyond words. We were working so hard to maintain our own healthcare business during a pandemic, working extra for a new corporation, and the entire adoption process. It was extremely difficult.

Just when I thought things could not get any worse, I ended up in the Emergency Room, diagnosed with Covid. Despite my diligence to follow all regulations, I became very ill. It came down to choosing to stay alive on a ventilator or maintaining comfort measures if I worsened. Now remember, we had just adopted two teens who were waiting for us to arrive and bring them home. I just kept praying. I knew God has not brought us this far to fail now. I knew who was not giving us these children for them to lose their new mom to Covid. Eventually sent home, I was on oxygen and could barely transfer to a chair without help. I was on blood thinners due to all the blood clots that were "everywhere." I was shaky, had developed a tremor, and was unable to concentrate for any length of time. Fear and anxiety overwhelmed me. I was told I may not recover.

But then God spoke...

It was now November of 2020. By faith, we booked a flight for my husband to go to Ukraine and complete the adoption paperwork while I focused on my health. And on December 12th, he and our new children were finally home in the United States!

BUT...due to my illness we missed our appointment for the sibling pair. We also learned that they had been moved about eight hours away. We were not sure if it would be possible now, as we would have to start the process again. It would be expensive and time consuming.

But then God spoke...

I was finally back to work in February. The new company offered disability. They offered me partial pay for the time I had missed while recovering. God is faithful!

Not long after, we learned that the siblings had called and asked if we were coming for them. So...we submitting our new dossier packet and we are currently awaiting our SDA appointment date. We had to start over, but God has allowed so many fees to be discounted. We are now waiting for our appointment date. We will soon be blessed with two more children!

During stressful times in our lives we often ask "why?" But I want to encourage you that God truly DOES speak and miracles still happen.

So what has God taught me during all of this craziness?

That HE is in control. He sits on His throne and coordinates every detail of our lives. And if we choose to look hard enough, we can see the blessing of God in all situations.

Each time we hit a bump in the road, God spoke. The prophecies over our lives, although we had to wait for it, have come true. Sometimes miracles are instant, while others are a process. But it was in the process that our faith in God increased, we learned to follow His voice, and experienced the power of a miracle working God.

God still does miracles!


I want to thank my friend Betty for sharing her story with us. We all have a story to share. I hope you become bold and share your story. You might be amazed at how it will encouraged those around you.

If you have a story to share please write about it. Send it me. You never know, it may turn into a blog one day!

Just do it! https://www.raisingourtribe.org/post/be-available

For more parenting encouragement: https://www.raisingourtribe.org/post/trusting-god-with-our-children

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please share it with your friends.

Have you ever thought of foster care? Hop on over to my friend Tara's blog where she shares their fostering journey:


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