Treasures Along the Way

"Learning is a treasure that will follow you everywhere."

In my search to learn and teach a Natural Health class I found a wonderful gem...

Discovering Nature Series: Every Herb Bearing Seed $34.95

By Queen Homeschool Supplies

As a nurse I have always been curious about the human body. From the moment of conception God's handiwork continues to astound me. I have helped deliver my own children (yes, it's possible), as well as my grandkids...the miracle of birth never ceases to amaze me. I have also stood at the bedside as family members and patients, who had been called home, pass on into eternity. The cycle of life is beautiful and miraculous .

Along my journey towards learning about my own body, I became very curious about Natural Health. My curiosity was peaked when I chose to go to my local Birthing Center for prenatal care that was given by certified midwives. I attended classes on natural birth without the use of interventions. It was completely different than what I had learned in school! Instead of laying down with my feet in stirrups I would stand and allow gravity to be my friend. I birthed in water and even used a birthing chair. I became so aware of my own body and its intuitive instinct for giving birth. It was empowering!

So this school year, knowing that Victoria was interested in Natural Health, I began to search for a "health" curriculum that would encourage her (and me!) to learn more about our own bodies and how we could naturally maintain our health.

A friend recommended looking into Every Herb Bearing Seed. I fell in love! I knew it was just what we were looking for.

This is more than a textbook. Rather, it's written in story form as we learn through the eyes of Sam Smith, a homeschool graduate, who is learning natural health as an assistant to a local natureopath. The story takes the student through a series of events using the human body systems and allows them to research such topics as homeopathy, herbs, vitamins, essential oils, and chiropractic care, to name a few.

This book encourages the student to do their own research and come up with their own conclusions. I have been amazed at how much we have learned!

I knew when I looked at the book it would make for a great small group. I wanted to expand my knowledge and listening to what other's found in their research and how they are practicing natural health could be beneficial. I immediately contacted a few like minded friends and we agreed to meet bi-weekly.

How did this curriculum work in a small group?

Fantastic! We all read the material, moms included, and did our own research. When we gathered together we shared our findings, discussed various natural remedies, tasted foods, held challenges (like no sugar for a was brutal) and so much more.

Our Natural Health small group.

If you have a mature middle school student or a high school student who is in need of a "health" credit, I highly recommend taking a look at this curriculum. It's been one of the many treasures discovered along our homeschool journey.

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