The Greatest Gift

Someday you will be really grateful that God gave you what you needed

instead of what you wanted.

Written By: Tracy Guthrie Moore

Take time to stop and smell the flowers of life!

Not many people would see this past year as a blessing. But in the middle of a National crisis, I found God once again.

I have always homeschooled our four daughters-Michaela, Olivia, Alexandria and Emma. With my older three daughters attending college, it is just Emma and I. Emma is our energetic 12 year old.

Life has always been what some might call "hectic" in our home. We had an activity almost every day. Music lessons, choir, orchestra practice, sports, and youth group. Add in co-op activities, field trips, art classes, and so much more...well, you get the idea. There were days that we spent all day in the van, driving from one event to another. We even kept school supplies for each girl in the van, along with snacks and drinks. Yes, we were a very busy homeschool family.

But Covid arrived and rescued me from the madness!

Suddenly, without warning, my well planned scheduled completely changed. No more music lessons, sports activities ceased to exist, and we held church in our living room. Yes, life came to a screeching halt.

And I found God once again.

I have been serving God for most of my life. I pray daily, attend church service and I have been very active in various church ministries. BUT...I was so consumed with "doing life" that it left no room for God to speak purpose into my life. Sadly, it took a Global Pandemic to open my eyes to reality...that I desperately needed God to once again be my priority.

So what changed? For one thing, our homeschool is completely different. All of our activities have been put on hold for this season. This allowed us to relax and enjoy our homeschool journey.

There is no more rushing in the morning, but rather Emma sleeps until she wakes on her own. We enjoy breakfast together and a morning devotion time. I am working hard to build a strong mother-daughter relationship with her.

While I read aloud our devotion, she enjoys journaling. She starts her day with math and grammar while I write out notes and cards to send to those who are sick or lonely. I never had time to minister in this way prior to Covid. I was always running from one activity to another.

Literature now consists of curling up on the couch with Emma and our cat...snuggling in a warm blanket while sharing books together. We have enjoyed reading about Christian martyrs, church history, and those who were so filled with faith during times of persecution.

During lunch we now relax with a healthy meal...instead of the drive thru. Emma and I are currently watching the series: The Chosen. This is a great series that is not only entertaining but brings the bible stories to life in our living room. We now have time to read more history, work on projects and do those science experiments.

With our more relaxed approach to homeschool Emma has more time for art projects, learning to cook, puzzles and even more time to practice her music. No more rushing home at night, totally exhausted. Now we have time to gather in the evenings for bible reading and even enjoy singing some of the older church songs together.

Our new outside activities now include a weekly bible study, gathering with a few friends to sing together, and simply enjoying life.

With our Covid crisis slowing down and our state starting to "open up" again I want to give a word of advise to all the busy moms out there...slow down.

Make a "prayer closet" and dedicate time to prayer. Try putting down the doughnut, turn the plate over and go on a spiritual fast. Instead of those quick casual prayers begin to proclaim the Word of God over your children every day. Make God a priority in your schedule.

I honestly do not miss those pre-covid days full of activity. Until we were forced to slow down and stay home, I never realized how far away my relationship with the Lord had drifted. Could God be calling you to take a deep breath and relax in His grace? Could He be trying to get your attention? Could all of this craziness been His will to cause us to gather once again as families to read His word and to spend time in prayer?

I know it sounds insane, but the Covid crisis...being forced to slow down...was a gift from God to our family.

"And we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

Resources we used:

Bible Study Journal: A Christian Diary for Women & Girls for a Year of Praise, Gratitude, and Prayer by June & Lucy. You can purchase on Amazon.

Tony Evans Devotions: A Kid's Guide to the Names of God

The Chosen-bible series on Netflix and Youtube.

A big thank you to Tracy, my long time friend, for writing this encouraging blog. I, too, can relate to allowing God to slow me down during this season. I hope you enjoyed my "guest" blogger!

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