Sisterhood is Powerful!

A letter to my daughters

To my beautiful, intelligent, strong, and kindhearted daughters,

You have brought great joy into my life. I wanted to write to all of you to be encouraged to be forever best friends. This thing called sisterhood is powerful. It's a connection that is unexplainable. No one will ever understand you like a sister.

Encourage one another to keep dreaming. Wrap your arms around one another and never be afraid to start over. Love one another unconditionally, even during the messy times in life. Cheer each other on...lending a hand of help when one stumbles. Hope for the best in each other, even when hope seems lost. Be a shoulder to cry on, a secret keeper, a memory maker, and a prayer warrior for one another. We are a family. And there is no other relationship that's closer, harder, sweeter, happier, sadder, more filled with joy and woe than the relationship with your sister.

Maybe you've been blessed with a sister who is your best friend. You share the good, the bad, and the really ugly moments in life together. You hang out, help one another, tell each other your worst fears and your biggest dreams.

She is your partner in crime, your loyal confidant, your sidekick, and the keeper of your secrets. She is your wardrobe consultant, your midnight milkshake buddy and your wedding planner. So if you have a close relationship with your sister you are truly blessed!

Yes, sisterhood is powerful. Brigham Young University found that people with sisters experience less guilt in their lives, less loneliness, and less feelings of fear overall than people without a sister. Psychologist agree that having a sister (or sisters) makes one a better person as well as more compassionate, more giving, and promotes positive mental health.

What are some benefits of having a sister?

  1. Sisters are brutally honest with one another. The truth can hurt sometimes but we need the truth, unfiltered, as they give their endless supply of "help."

  2. Sisters understand you like no one else. They know what makes you tick!

  3. A sister might feel free to criticize you and even question some of your choices. But woe be to anyone else who tries to do the same.

  4. A younger sister looks up to you. This teaches a whole new level responsibility for one's actions (remember, she is watching....and probably telling dad)

  5. Having a sister teaches compassion. They love you when you fall down and skin your knee and they cry with you over a broken heart.

  6. Having a sister teaches patients...from teaching her to tie her shoes to parking a car.

  7. You will learn to share when you have a sister. You may share your room, a bed, and you will definitely find your clothes in her closet!

  8. Sisters, argue as they will, but they will always have your back. Loyalty at a whole new level.

  9. Sisters are your closest confidant. They understand the private jokes, she gets your Instagram post, and knows all about the guy you are crushing over.

  10. Sisterhood gives a sense of security. You know that although life may change, she will always be there for you.

Sisters function as a safety net in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other. They don't need words. They have perfected the language of snarls, smiles, frowns and winks. Their lifelong friendship is like a renewable source of power. There is nothing like a hot cup of tea and conversation with a woman who understands you like no other.

Yes, sisterhood is powerful!

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