Loving Your Wife

On a cool Virginia spring day, during my freshman year of bible college, my entire perspective on marriage was changed. I sat and listened as Pastor Wayne Holcomb taught on the Art of Marriage. He said to us, “Husbands, love your wife, as Christ loved the church.” (Ephesians 5:25) But how does Christ love his church?

Michele and I have been married for almost 29 years. We have attending #marriage seminars, spoke on marriage and have tried our best to live out a Godly marriage. It’s not always been easy. But I have learned a few things along the way about this Christ kind of love for my wife.

A Pursuing Love

Jesus is the Shephard who leaves the ninety-nine to seek after the one (Luke 15:4-7) He continually seeks the heart of your wife. He desires to hear from her, to have her affection.

As her husband, I should do the same. God will bless the man who seeks a deeper #relationship with his wife…desiring to hear from her and to hold her affection.

A Forgiving Love

Jesus gives us all grace-even when we don’t deserve it. Forgiving your wife, even when she doesn’t ask for it, is the most Christ-like thing you can offer her. I learned early in our marriage that neither one of us is perfect. I also learned that having the last word, making my point very clear, or having her agree with my opinion will not always happen. Actually, it’s a rare occurrence! Learning to forgive one another, on a daily basis, is truly a miracle.

A Happy and Joyful Love

Jesus doesn’t just put up with your wife, but he actually loves her. He delights in his bride. A wife will respond to a husband who delights in her. Smile at your wife, tell her that you love her, and enjoy life together. Do things together that make you both happy. Laughter is good medicine…it can heal the wounds of any relationship.

A Love that Serves

Jesus was our example of servanthood. He served your wife in life AND in death. Jesus “gave himself up for her” (Ephesians 5:25). Sadly, many men think too highly of themselves, demanding that their wives serve them when, in reality, the husband is called by God to be the chief servant in his home. So grab the mop and serve…you might even get a good kiss from it!

A Growing Love

Jesus wants your wife’s relationship with Him to grow stronger. Do you encourage your wife in daily devotions, personal prayer time, and attending bible study with other women-even if that means you have to make dinner and care for the little ones? Help your wife blossom spiritually.

A Providing Love

Jesus provides your wife with all she needs. The Apostle Paul instructs that “in the same way husbands should #love their wives as their own bodies.” Do you provide your wife with her daily needs? I am proud of my wife. I want to show her off! I don’t want her wearing old faded clothes and shoes. Luckily for me, my wife loves a good deal and loves our local Goodwill and Consignment shops. You don’t have to be rich to provide. I want to make sure she has good food to eat, a warm cozy house, and so much more.

Written by Walter Donnelly

And remember...

Always put your wife before yourself.

Always talk with her-ask her about her day, her experiences, and her feelings.

Always acknowledge her accomplishments.

And always kiss her goodnight!

Want to read more posts by my husband Walter? Let me know in the comments below! - Michele

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