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So many valuable lessons can be learned within the four walls of your kitchen. Cooking with your children is so much more than just food, but rather our cooking is full of useful, lifelong lessons...and it's about family bonding.


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Let's talk skills. First, you can't cook without doing basic math. Your children will learn fractions, measurements, rounding, estimation, and even temperature all while experiencing the joy of cooking.

Our little ones can learn to sort, count, and how to problem solve. Yes, the kitchen is a great classroom!

Working along side of your children in the kitchen will improve reading skills and vocabulary. Chemistry becomes more relevant as they learn to make predictions, experiment with various flavors, and see how food chemicals will alter our foods. And let's not forget the many health lessons that can be discussed while learning to measure sugar and make our veggies more tasty.

I'm so thankful that all of our children love to experiment in the kitchen. This year, as we travel thru our Unites States history and Geography we are enjoying recipes for our 50 states and our rich historical heritage. Cooking is a great way to travel through history and learn about other cultures. It's a fun time of learning, tasting foods, and building relationships.


Eating together is important! https://www.raisingourtribe.org/post/faith-family-and-food


How does cooking build family relationships? It teaches sharing, team work and kind words...even when the recipes doesn't quite turn out the way we thought. Cooking promotes safety and responsibility.

Do you have child that need to work on fine motor skills? The kitchen is FULL of opportunities! Think of all the chopping, whisking, kneading, pouring, mixing, cutting, rolling and even using the old fashion can opener will improve fine motor skills.

Cooking is an art. I've tasted their many creations, watched as they have spend hours perfecting a loaf of bread, and enjoyed their competitive natures as they have decorated cakes for our local farm fair events. I love how cooking inspires their creativity.

But before you dash to the kitchen with all the kiddos you will need a plan...what would you like to achieve? Will our cooking be just a useful life skill or something more?


Just for fun! https://www.raisingourtribe.org/post/you-know-you-re-in-a-large-family-if


Here are some helpful tips as you "teach" your children while cooking:

1. Keep kids on task. This is easier said than done! I have found that I have to focus more on the recipe and what my kids are doing when we are all in the kitchen laughing and talking. But it's so much more fun!

2. Start with a quick run down of what's expected and each child's role. Such as "I want you to chop the onions while your brother stirs the sauce."

3. Review basic kitchen safety.

4. Let your kids shine with their own creations. This will not be easy! I'm very budget conscious and the thought of wasting food stresses me out! So therefore, we eat ALL creations!

5. Teach your children to clean up their own cooking messes!

Now that you a basic plan, you've reviewed kitchen safety with the gang, you are ready to put on some music and let the cooking fun begin!

Remember, cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and the skill of cooking. It's about inspiring creativity within our children, passing down family stories and recipes, and creating wonderful memories.

"As long as you know how to bake, life is sure to be sweet."


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