Jumping Ship

As parents, we have often wondered if our children will embrace our values and be prepared with the knowledge of good and evil. Will they love righteousness and hate iniquity? Will they have a firm foundation in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a love for the church and family?

What can we do so our children don’t jump ship to the world when they get older?

There is a rising troubling trend in today’s Christian family. Yes, the CHRISTIAN family. Their children are discontent, rebellious, and “jumping ship” as soon as they can survive on their own. Parents have spent thousands on therapy, lost hours of sleep, and often times end up in divorce court. Parents are confused, often asking “where did we go wrong?”

In their book, Jumping Ship, Mike and Debi Pearl talk about mistakes parents make and what you can do keep your children on board with you.

Reading this book was like a breath of fresh air. I appreciate the down to earth tone in this easy to read book. No psychology medical terms…just real words from real parents with experience.

Oh, how I wished I had read this earlier in my parenting years!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas from this book:

1. Guard your marriage! We should be a living example of a Godly marriage for our children to crave. Yes, crave! I hope my daughters see the love in their dad’s eyes for me and NEVER settle for less.

2. Create a life of purpose and passion. Serve together as a family. Our teens need goals, something to look forward to.

3. Girls want security. Boys want adventure. Give it to them! Show them how good life really can be when serving the Lord.

4. Trust is powerful! Create an atmosphere that allows a child who makes a mistake to admit it and take responsibility without being afraid. Provide a home environment that allows them to make a fresh start.

5. Give your teens responsibility. Then step back and watch them flourish!

I love the picture of my home being a constructions site. ANY construction site generates LOTS of noise, dust, and clutter. We should expect a home where children are full of life and energy…running around, making messes with projects, and laughing.

This book encourages open communication with your teens. Allowing them to share their hearts, with respect towards all family members, and express what changes they feel need to be made in your home. We were surprised yet loved our children’s openness and ideas.

This small book if packed full of practical information. The first chapter may sound a little aggressive. But prayerfully read on. Be prepared to look within yourself. It hits hard and quick…giving us parents no place to hide.

I LOVE how Mike makes it very clear that there are no “second generation” Christians. We have to show our children that we are trying, we mess up, we are humble, and we ask God to forgive us…again and again. We must serve Christ JOYFULLY and FULLY. Kids can smell hypocrisy a mile away! The author will challenge your own walk with the Lord as he encourages us to live holy in front of our children.

I also appreciated the Godly wisdom on allowing our teens to be more independent, be around other teens, and have meaningful work projects.

“Jumping Ship” is a sobering and challenging read on child-rearing. There is something for every parents to consider between all the pages. Definitely worth the read!

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