How to Make Geography Fun!

Traveling Around the USA

Our Geography Fun!

Children can learn geography from a textbook. But if you add hands on learning you will give them an opportunity to experience the places and cultures they are reading about.

Tell me and I forget

Show me and I may remember

Involve me and I will learn

We are LOVING our US Geography study!

We are using Trail Guide to US Geography with Victoria (8th grade).

Trail Guide to U.S. Geography | GeoMatters

Peyton (3rd grade) is enjoying Our 50 States by Notgrass

Elementary (Grades 1-4) - Our 50 States - Notgrass History

BUT…we do our geography study together.

Following Our 50 States we do our geography study once a week, completing two states each week. Although this curriculum has a literature component, it's not necessary or even required. The beauty of homeschooling is the freedom to follow your own path.

Eat Your Way Through the USA is a fabulous book!

Pinterest is a goldmine of activities & project ideas.


Learn how cooking and learning go hand in hand:

Learn While Cooking (


So how can an elementary student and a middle school student learn together?

It's rather simple. We gather around the table as I read Our 50 states aloud to everyone.

After our reading, we watch a Youtube video and travel virtually to each state.

We make maps, try new recipes, listen to music, and complete projects.

Peyton will complete his Lesson Review Book and his Atlas Workbook while

Victoria completes her workbook pages and mapping.

Geography is a great way to join your older children with your younger children. We add puzzles, games, movies, and we even did a state bird project. We listened to Cajun music while down in New Orleans, we enjoyed crab cakes while traveling through Maryland and had fun using Legos to create a state map. The sky is the limit!


Our study of Africa

Our World Geography Unit on Africa | Raising Our Tribe


The study Geography and History goes excellent together. We have traveled west on the Oregon Trail, mapped out Civil War battles in the South and North and crossed the ocean to Ellis Island.

Make geography come alive as you travel around to states and countries, tasting foods, listening to traditional music, and enjoying the arts.


Ideas for your high school student:

Cultural Education | Raising Our Tribe


Some of the extras we are enjoying:

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