From Crisis Mode, To Miracle Mode

“Sometimes we are in the middle of

a miracle, we just don’t know it yet.”

Right now, it feels like the world has been turned upside down. You have a choice…to be swept up in the madness of the storm or use this as an opportunity to see the miraculous all around you.

Behind every grievance there is a miracle ready to be revealed. Do you believe in miracles?

I love being a grandmother!

I want to challenge you, as we begin our new year, to shift from crisis thinking to miracle thinking. If you believe that the bible is true, then I would encourage you to meditate on the scriptures and start praying. But for now, I am going to testify of God’s goodness!

Oh, where should I begin? Our family has witnessed the goodness of our Lord on so many occasions. During times of “leanness” we’ve had strangers deliver groceries to our doorsteps. We have opened our mailbox to find a check…just in time to pay the mortgage. When my husband owned his own business we prayed daily for provision. Once my husband’s machine broke and a little old women said God told her to give him money to buy a new machine. Oh yes, our God has been so faithful! But it gets better!


God always provides! ​Let Them Fly | Raising Our Tribe


I’ll never forget sitting at my teenage son’s bedside, after being told that he would not live through the night. As the night went on, I watched as my son was slowly dying. He was intubated, with a machine at full capacity, breathing for him. We were told that he no longer had kidney function, nor brain function. That, unless a miracle happened, he would die before the sun rose in the morning. But God!

As I sat, holding his hand, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked all around the room, seeing no one, yet feeling the very presence of the Lord. I heard His voice very clearly that night.

“Michele, will you serve me, even if Nicholas is with me?” With tears rolling down my cheeks, I answered with an honest heart, “Yes, but please don’t take him from me.” I truly meant it.

I remember watching the monitor above his head. I watched his heart rate fluctuate while his blood pressure dropped dangerously low. I remember thinking that he would die…and I could do nothing. I stood and watched as the nurses and ICU doctor rushed to his room. I remember watching as they prepared to resuscitate him…again. Oh yes, he had died once and was brought back to life. But could he survive now? Suddenly, I went to his ear and spoke clearly to him.

“Live Nick. God has a plan for your life. Just live!”

To the complete amazement of the medical staff, my son not only woke the next morning but tried to speak over the tubes. He was hungry! That very day he was extubated (tubes removed), sat up, and spoke clearly. Remember, they said he had no brain waves. But God!

Within three days he walked out of the hospital. Yes, our God is a healer!

Nicholas and Gabriella

Today, Nicholas and Gabriella (another answer to our prayers) are happily married. Gabriella just graduated nursing school and passed her nursing boards. We prayed before every exam. So we never doubted that she would one day become a nurse. God is so faithful to this mama’s prayers!

Our new family nurse!

Now let’s talk money. As most of my readers already know, we adopted 4 terrific kids from the Ukraine. When God spoke to our hearts (that’s a complete blog on it’s own!) we had no idea of the finances that would be required. But first, we had to find an adoption agency who would consider approving our already large family. And it wasn’t easy! But God! After finding an agency we had thousands upon thousands of dollars to somehow come up with. To make an exceptionally long story short enough for this blog…it was nothing but a miracle that we got every dime of money needed without taking out a loan. On a Wednesday night, lying in bed, Walter and I cried out to the Lord for a miracle. We needed $45,000 more by Friday! Where would that kind of money come from? We had fundraised, begged family and friends, and were completely out of savings. But God! On Friday morning, only hours before our bank appointment to beg for a loan, a check for $45,000 arrived! No one knew how much we needed…only God. A stranger, from Canada, said God told them to send the Donnelly family a check for $45,000! Oh yes, the Donnelly tribe knows the amazing provision of the Lord!

Ukraine Court Room-we are finally a family!


Need encouragement? ​You Don't Have to Be Perfect, Just Available! | Raising Our Tribe


Struggling with infertility? I have a miraculous story for you! Our daughter and son in law dreamed of a houseful of children. But it took the help of science to finally, after several attempts, to get our precious Lily. We were thrilled! But God has such a sense of humor. Just when Jesse and Kyrsten were hoping to start the “process” again, God chose to put a precious surprise in her womb. We now have Levi…a miracle from our Lord. Nothing is impossible with God!

Jesse, Kyrsten, Lily and Levi Bane

Still struggling to believe in miracles? I’ll keep going then…

As a young, financially struggling couple, we desperately wanted to buy our own home. But we could barely afford rent. So I settled to rent in a “better neighborhood.” I remember finding an empty house in my choice neighborhood. The grass had grown so high that a mower could not begin to help cut it. It looked like it needed lots of work. But it was on a corner lot…and empty! I wanted it. I dreamed about it. So I found the number of the owner. After much prayer I got the nerve to call. And what happened next was a God thing! The owner was a Christian who had been praying for a young couple to rent her mother’s home. She said the Lord told her we were going to call her, so she never advertised the home for rent. After a lengthy conversation she finally said, “How much rent can you afford?” I was honest and gave her such a small amount that I figured she would only laugh at me. Instead, she said she’d take it…with NO deposit! And only a few years later did she sell us the house for what WE could afford.

God always provides for His children!


You need to read this! ​I Remember the Day I Prayed for What I Have Now | Raising Our Tribe


From healing our sick children, to providing jobs and college scholarships, to providing for our day to day needs, we have witnessed the awesome hand of the Lord. I could write all night and still not tell of the goodness of God in our lives.


Adoption works! ​Adoption, Three Years Later | Raising Our Tribe


With the hurt and negativity in the world today, it’s no surprise that our minds and hearts can easily become clouded from seeing all the miracles that surround us. I challenge you to CHOOSE to see, embrace, and experience God’s goodness and His miracles this year.

Thank you so much for reading! It would mean the world to me if you left a like and shared the post!


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