Expectations VS Reality

Homeschooling...The First Year

With cute little desks, an American flag, and posters on the wall we were ready to start our homeschool journey. My little classroom was adorable. But…for some odd reason…my little ones were not impressed.

I seriously went into this homeschooling thing thinking that if I created a school like environment for my kids that the learning would magically happen…with smiles and sweet attitudes. My high expectations didn’t line up with reality.

If you are a first time homeschool mom you will soon discover that your expectations are far from reality.


Homeschooling Boys? Read:



Second, you need to come to terms that YOU ARE ENOUGH. I remember when I began this journey I seriously looked at other homeschool moms as if they were some sort of super hero. I felt that I could never measure up. I mean, they always looked like they had it all together. Perfect marriage, angelic children, and dripping sweet voices that were never raised in anger. Then there was me…


For more encouragement:



Thirdly, prepare for interruptions. I’ve been in the middle of reading aloud our history lesson when my boys have hopped up only to grab a bow to “hunt” for dinner. Another time, as the first snow of the season began to fall from the sky, Nicholas actually fell out of his chair…during an expiring math lesson. So prepare yourself-the kids will bicker, the Amazon truck will arrive, and the goat will get loose…all before lunch.

Make time for fun!

You will NEVER have the perfect homeschool day with no interruptions. Seriously, there has been days that I’ve taken the entire afternoon off simply because our morning was completely out of control…full of interruptions and distractions. Learn flexibility, embrace the crazy, and pray. LOTS of prayer…and coffee. And chocolate. Yes, prayer, coffee and chocolate will increase your survival rate. You can do it!

And finally, prepare for an emotional rollercoaster. We all get so excited as the boxes of curriculum arrive and mom starts planning the field trips. We are in complete school mode. Then, as the weeks pass, and the baby is fussing, math lessons are taking way to long, and little Suzy is having a melt down every other day the frustration begins to build.


Parenting 101:



Then come the tears. Yup, you will cry that first year of homeschooling (at least I did!). Tears of frustration, tears of loneliness, tears of feeling that you failed. Homeschooling is hard. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different. It takes grit to walk this journey.

But I can promise that, along with those crazy moments, there will be tears of joy as your little one finally reads their first book, fun field trips, and many inspiring days of learning together.

Do you want to know a secret? We still have those moments…the ones that I envision the local news at my door questioning my parenting skills while CPS demands that I place my children in a “real” school. Someone once said that when something goes wrong in your life, just yell, “PLOT TWIST” and keep going.

You will soon learn that there will be bumps along the way. But never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey.

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