CTCMath is a Life Saver! - Review

Along my homeschool journey, I have spoken with so many mothers who have concerns about teaching their children math, especially the higher-level courses. And if you have a large family, teaching math to multiple grade levels present even a greater challenge. As a working mother of 10 children….and a self-proclaimed “math hater” I was never so relieved when we stumbled upon CTCMath.

What is CTCMath?

CTCMath is an online, subscription-based math program for grades Kindergarten through Calculus. It has classes grouped from Kindergarten through fifth grade. It continues with middle school classes of Basic Math and Pre-Algebra. Then moves onto Elementary Measurement and Geometry. High School Classes consist of Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus.

How Does CTCMath Work?

It’s so simple! There are three main parts of the program-the parent area, the daily lessons for the student, and the speed skills area.

The parent area includes detailed reports for each child. This is a great feature as it's printable for your yearly homeschool review. Then, on the right side, there is a detailed summary of all activity for each student. The parents also receive a weekly email with a student summary report and scores.

The next part of the CTCMath program is the student section. On the opening page, after logging in, the student will choose their level. The next screen is a list of topics for that level. They can begin a lesson and complete a Standard Test or a longer Comprehensive Test.

A plus for this program is that a student is not required to complete all lessons to take the test. I allow my student if they say they already know the material, to complete the Comprehensive Test. If they score above 80% they may move onto another lesson.

The third part to the CTCMath Program is the Speed Skills Practice. This is an optional component that my younger children enjoy.

The students are given 60 seconds to complete the math drill. They compete against themselves daily to improve their scores.

Read more about how CTCMath works.

What I Love About Using CTCMath:

CTCMath is Inexpensive - CTCMath offers various forms of payment. They offer a monthly, 6 month, or 12-month subscription. For a large family with multiple students, the yearly plan is the best deal. They even have a 60% discount for our readers.

CTCMath is Flexible - Students may begin with any lesson and jump around to various math topics. This is great because it allows my kids to focus on the subject they struggle the most with.

CTCMath is Self-Paced - CTCMath allows the student to go as slow or as fast as they choose. This is a plus for the struggling math student. They may practice a concept as much as needed for confidence.

The Math Lessons are Short - Lessons average 10-15 minutes long. Short enough to keep the student’s attention, yet clear and informative. This is great for my young, active children!

They Offer Audio Lessons - The student may listen to a teacher read the lesson or questions to them! This is a great option for the beginner reader.

Immediate Feedback - With the immediate feedback from CTCMath, students know if their answer is correct and the program has auto-grading for all tests. Which means I get to spend less time grading and more time watching Heartland.

Mobility - CTCMath can be used on a computer or an iPad! That way it can go anywhere with the student. No more "I can't finish my math homework because I have to leave for soccer practice". They can take their homework with them and finish it on the way!

They Send Parents Notifications! - I love my weekly emails. As a busy working mom, this allows me to know exactly how each student is progressing without having to look through and check a big pile of math books. That's always a plus in my book!

CTCMath is Simple to Use! - It has an easy to follow, topical sequence which makes it a GREAT program for the struggling math student. It doesn't over teach and it allows the student the chance to improve their scores. They even offer placement tests to help see where your child is at mathematically.

It Gives my Kids Confidence! - When kids make progress, CTCMath awards with printable certificates. This is a BIG deal for our little ones and gives them confidence in their abilities!

What Would I Change About CTCMath?

I think the higher-level math could use more in-depth teaching. It does the basics very well. But if your student is going into a career field that will require higher math I would use this program as a supplement.

More review! Although the student may return to any level and complete a Comprehensive Test, I would love to see a review on a daily basis.

How much does CTCMath cost?

This program is large family-friendly with its low cost. You may register a single student for $11.97 per month or $78.80 yearly. The family rate is the best bargain at $15.97 a month for the entire family or only $118.80 for a yearly subscription. They also offer a free trial subscription and 60% off all packages for our readers!

Does CTCMath Offer Discounts?

Yes! CTCMath has discounts for readers of Raising Our Tribe Blog -

My Final Thoughts:

For homeschooling our large family, CTCMath has been a lifesaver! I no longer spend all my time switching from child to child trying desperately to teach math.

Instead, while my older boys work at their computer on math, I am now free to sit with my younger students and focus on learning to read and write.

I am free to read more living books aloud with our children, make science projects, and prepare dinner. And the best part? My children no longer complain about doing math!

If you are looking for a user friendly, self-paced, inexpensive math program I highly recommend CTCMath. Log on today and enjoy 60% off when you sign up for a membership.

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