Camping Life Lessons

Lessons Learned While Camping

Family camping is not always easy but it can be an amazing experience.

After a very busy summer I craved to get away from it all. I wanted, and desperately needed, to break away from the craziness of life. So, we packed up the RV, the tents, and went camping!

In today’s world there is an overwhelming amount of parental advise. But if you allow Him, the Lord will speak into your heart in regard to your children. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy what the Lord reminded me while on our camping trip.

1. Slow down! The one positive thing that has come from this Covid crisis is that we were forced to stay home, thus slowing down our busy schedules. We need to focus on relationships, not rushing from one activity to another. Kids need time and space to explore, create, and simply ponder things. (So do you!)

2. Be Patient. This is not my gift. I have to be intentional to allow each child to blossom at their own pace. It can be stressful to me. But the Lord reminded me that sometimes the most beautiful flowers take time to bloom.

3. Embrace Change. Nature is always changing. And so is life. Our life is unpredictable. We must take a deep breathe and go with it. Enjoy the season in which you are in. In my younger years I remember thinking, with two in diapers and another on the way, that I’d never get a hot shower again. But life continues to move forward, much like a river. So jump in and enjoy a few rapids…just hang on! You can do this.




4. Resilience. Think about how resilient nature is…trees withstand tremendous winds during times of storms and floods. Yet, most remains strong. I’ve learned over the past few months that sometimes we have to let things die to allow new growth. It can be painful, but new life is beautiful.

5. Be generous. Nature is always giving. We need to show the love of Christ by our generosity. Invite someone to dinner, or coffee. How about send a card to encourage someone in their time of need. Or simply send a text message to let them know you care.

6. Growing never stops. While walking along the wooded path I noticed new sprouts of growth everywhere. Growth should be in our Christian walk. Never be stagnant. Continue to learn new things.

7. Play time! I watched as the squirrels chased each other around the trees and couldn’t help to envy their joy of play. Always make time to play and have fun with your family.




8. Green is great! Although the leaves are just beginning to change their colors, I loved the lush green all around me. So what does this have to do with anything? Eat your veggies.

9. Small things are important. The Lord reminded me that a big oak tree begins with as a small acorn. Plant seeds in the hearts of your children. Make the little things in life special. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just make life special.




10. Persistence. I sat admiring a small ant while it dragged a huge crumb across the picnic table. It never gave up, though the challenge was huge. Never, never, never give up on your family. Keep praying until you see results!

11. Meltdown. Yes, even nature has a few meltdowns. The hurricane winds may blow, but eventually the storm passes. You may lose your mind every now and then. But just remember, after the storm comes the calm. Joy comes in the morning!

12. New Beginnings. The moon rarely looks the same each night. And just like life…the sun and moon will rise and set each day. Life does go on. God’s mercy’s are new each day. Look at each day as a new beginning.

The next time you are feeling stressed and ready to quit this crazy life, go camping.

It’s a great way to reconnect with your family, allows you to relax and get a fresh perspective on things, and kids love the outdoors…giving you some much needed quiet time.

It’s never to late to choose adventure!

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