10 Commandments for the Homeschool Mom

In this family we homeschool. We pray. We do science in the kitchen. We wiggle and laugh. We do math in our jammies. We take lots of field trips, visit museums, and play in the park. We play games, we socialize, and we read daily. We occasionally have bad attitudes, yet we love and forgive. But most of all…we love being together.

Homeschooling is not for the weak of heart. You will need what I like to call grit. That’s a combination of determination, tenacity, a sense of humor and much grace. But for now, let’s focus on my ten commandments of a homeschool mom.


Things are different:



1. Thou shalt put your marriage first. It’s so easy to get caught up in lesson plans, school projects, and running from one activity to the next that we fail to remember that we were a wife before we became a homeschool mom. Give your husband your best…not what’s left of you after a busy homeschool day.


A little marriage encouragement:



2. Coffee is essential. Put no other beverage before it. (no further explanation is needed)

3. Thou shalt not be a slave to your curriculum. The curriculum that you choose should be a guide. Allow yourself freedom to skip things, add things, and simply change curriculum if it’s not working.


You may also enjoy:



4. Thou shalt not kill the joy of learning. Always remember to have fun! Children learn best by doing.

Ellis Island Day at co-op

5. Thou must take the responsibility to know your own state homeschool laws. This is huge! I highly recommend joining the HSLDA and searching their very informative website in regards to your state homeschool laws.


6. Thou shalt not let the criticism of others bother you. You need to grasp the idea that everyone will not agree with your decision. Stop explaining yourself.

7. Thou shalt always seek wise counsel from those who have gone before you. Join a homeschool community, a co-op, or simply seek out like-minded mothers.

8. Thou shall always be flexible. Schedules and routines are good. But always remember that relationships trump academics. Be flexible enough to put the books away in favor of a nature walk to have a heart felt conversation with your teen.

No math today! Let's go fishing instead!

9. Thou shall surround thyself with good books. Reading is my therapy. I love to read! Here are a few homeschool favorites that you might enjoy:

10. Thou shall never, never, never give up! Even when you feel like a failure, when your own doubts overshadow your confidence and when you just want to hide under the covers.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying!

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