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If you know a homeschooling resource that is under one of the following categories, please submit the resource so that other homeschoolers can find it! (Plus you'll get a super awesome gift for submitting a resource).

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SpringBoard is a passionate company. One of our prime passions is creating a great environment for our team. We also want to be involved with facilitating the growth of young people in our community. The Culture Kid is a combination of these two things. We want to bring a feel-good moment to our staff every week and expose young people to the world of entrepreneurship, and the workplace. Having to come in/out of a business every week, be responsible for delivering a service/product, and then be rewarded for that effort is something we think is pretty cool- and our team LOVES our Culture Kid. Our most recent Culture Kid was with us a year and she said “Thank you so much for the opportunity. You are like family to me.”Expectations: -Be on Time – We’ll look forward to seeing you in the office every Wednesday at 3:30pm. If you can’t make it, call or email in advance. Do not text, leave a voicemail if you do not reach us by phone. Repeated absences will be evaluated on a case by case basis, but a lack of commitment to attendance shows a lack of interest in the position-Represent Yourself Responsibly – Wear a clean, collared shirt. If you wear shorts, they must be chino style, not athletic or cargo shorts. Jeans are okay, but no hats please. Your dress communicates your intent to be responsible-Be Friendly – You have a great smile! We want you to spread smiles and be polite to everyone you talk to. Your smile makes people feel good and gives them a quick break from their normal day to day routine-Be Creative – Bring different treats when you come; different types of cookies, brownies, bars etc. Don’t serve the same items every week, rotate a few different kinds. Creativity is fun, and you are here to have fun and spread joyDetails: The first week we will walk you around and introduce you to everyone. Your job is to SMILE and say hello! You’re here to improve the day with your personality and your treats. It’s ok to make small talk and get to know the office. You’ll walk around and offer each person a treat and an option of lemonade or iced tea. If they accept, make sure to give them their choice with a napkin. If they decline, let them know you will be leaving extras in the kitchen if they change their mind. When you leave put the remaining treats on the table in the kitchen, clean and take the drink containers with you for use next time.Bring: 3 dozen treats (You can use premade mix, or make from scratch, but you must make them.) Container of sweetened lemonade Container of UN-sweetened Iced TeaStipend: $225 per month


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