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Looking to hire Animal Care Specialist/Kennel Assistant. Must be at least 16 years old to apply. Must LOVE animals.Duties include: *Walks through kennel area checking each animal individually for any abnormal activity such as vomiting, diarrhea or blood in the cage or run. *Reports all abnormal activity to supervisors, doctors and nurses, makes a file so the animal can be examined. *Recognizes emergency situations, enlisting the aid of doctors and nurses. *Marks charts correctly for eating, drinking, fecal and urine production. *Feeds and waters animals according to schedules. *Cleans and disinfects cages, and runs as needed using hoses, power washer and spray bottles of disinfectant. *Cleans cat litter boxes and disinfects kitty condos. *Cleans and disinfects all food and water bowls. *Picks up soiled bedding and moves it to laundry area. *Places clean bedding in run with animals. *Performs baths on those animals that quality for a bath, the day before they go home. *Prepares “Boarding Report Cards” for animals going home so the owner can see how their pet boarded. *Checks in animals for boarding, speaks professionally with owners, writes specific feeding instructions, medication instructions, play times, walks, special services and records all of this information on boarding forms. *Provides tours of the kennel to potential new clients, giving them information on our facility, answers questions and conducts themselves in a professional manner. *Places correct ID collars on all animals. *Records and labels all belongings. *Ensures all belongings go home with the owner upon checkout. *Checks animals out for boarding, speaks with owners, brings up all belongings and goes over boarding report cards. *Operates washer and dryer to clean kennel bedding and hospital laundry. *Works outside all year round while walking dogs *Assists technicians in cleaning the treatment area. *Cleans the staff and client bathrooms. *Is proactive and asks for tasks when there is down time. *Other duties may be assigned.Please email resume to or apply on our website Position is part time – full time depending on kennel popularity. Great starting position for anyone interested in working with animals


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