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Turkey Hill Experience

Homeschooling in Columbia

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Apr 8th, 2019

A Moral Compass - Teaching Your Children Godly Character

If you know a homeschooling resource that is under one of the following categories, please submit the resource so that other homeschoolers can find it! (Plus you'll get a super awesome gift for submit a resource).

  • Academic enrichment (academic classes, tutoring, testing, etc.)

  • Arts opportunities (art, music, theater, etc)

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  • Job or Volunteer Opportunity for Homeschool Students

  • Local Homeschool Co-op

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  • Resource

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Some of the major reasons for joining a co-op or homeschool group near you include:

  • Academic advice, support, diversity or expertise in teaching

  • Socialization opportunities with same-age peers

  • Exposure to curricula, resources, and ideas from other homeschoolers

  • Structure and direction for the homeschool

  • Extra-curricular activity options

  • Emotional support from other homeschoolers

  • Social networking

  • “Traditional” schooling benefits such as experiencing a classroom setting, diplomas, dances such as prom, and graduation ceremonies


In addition to the groups and state resources listed in our local homeschool database (find them by clicking your state below and use the submenu to navigate to specific types of groups/activities), there are many other ways to find community as a homeschooler.


Maybe the type of community you are looking for doesn’t exist in your area and you are thinking about starting your own co-op—once you have all of the necessary requirements, submit your local homeschooling group to our database so people near you can find your new co-op or homeschooling group!


Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, whether you live in a city or rural area, whether your kids are just hitting school age or about to graduate, there is homeschooling encouragement and support to be found in community.

Looking for things to do with kids when you visit Lancaster County? Don't miss one of PA Dutch Country's most-popular indoor family attractions, the Turkey Hill Experience.


The Turkey Hill Experience offers a fun-filled, educational and affordable field trip for all ages. Your students will leave with a full understanding of what we do at Turkey Hill Dairy.


During your self-guided visit, students will participate in numerous interactive exhibits. Three of those will allow them to use their imagination to develop, package, and market a virtual ice cream flavor. Additionally, they will learn about the ice cream making process from raw ingredients to finished goods and how we market our top-selling ice cream and iced tea.


Students will also learn what it was like in the early days of Turkey Hill Dairy and how we grew from a small family-owned dairy farm into the national production facility we are today. While here, learn what it was like to be a milk delivery driver, milk our mechanical cows, and sample our products


In our Turkey Hill Taste Lab, each student will bring their virtual flavor to life as our instructor walks them through the process step by step. Beginning with a basic white ice cream mix, students will add the proper amount of flavoring, variegate and other inclusions to develop their perfect recipe. Enjoy your ice cream creation while you settle in for a little course in Turkey Hill Ice Cream Production 101.


Area Served:




Field Trip



301 Linden St, Columbia, PA 17512, USA

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