Homeschooling is a uniquely state-oriented activity. Legal requirements for homeschooling are set by the state, and as a result the opportunities and services available may vary widely between states. Finding a community of like-minded homeschoolers in your area can be the difference between feeling isolated and drained and feeling empowered and encouraged. Whether that community comes in the form of co-ops, extra-curricular-based activity homeschool groups, or state-based associations with online groups, the ability to ask questions and share experiences makes homeschooling feel less lonely.


Using the list of states below, you can choose your state and find listings for state and local homeschool groups near you, homeschool field trip destinations, local classes & homeschool co-ops, arts & sports opportunities, homeschool event listings, and more.

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Some of the major reasons for joining a co-op or homeschool group near you include:

  • Academic advice, support, diversity or expertise in teaching

  • Socialization opportunities with same-age peers

  • Exposure to curricula, resources, and ideas from other homeschoolers

  • Structure and direction for the homeschool

  • Extra-curricular activity options

  • Emotional support from other homeschoolers

  • Social networking

  • “Traditional” schooling benefits such as experiencing a classroom setting, diplomas, dances such as prom, and graduation ceremonies


In addition to the groups and state resources listed in our local homeschool database (find them by clicking your state below and use the submenu to navigate to specific types of groups/activities), there are many other ways to find community as a homeschooler.


Maybe the type of community you are looking for doesn’t exist in your area and you are thinking about starting your own co-op—once you have all of the necessary requirements, submit your local homeschooling group to our database so people near you can find your new co-op or homeschooling group!


If you have teens and have noticed that they do not want to participate in activities, you may want to share “The Truth about Attendance at Homeschool Activities for Teens” with the organizers of those activities in your local homeschool group and see if you can create some offerings that appeal specifically to older teens.


Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, whether you live in a city or rural area, whether your kids are just hitting school age or about to graduate, there is homeschooling encouragement and support to be found in community.

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