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Sep 26

Badges are HERE! WOOO! What are badges? They are icons and titles that show your achievements on the site! Here are the current badges: - New Member - Are you a new member? Get your Avocado icon! - Al
Jan 2

Hashtags help readers find posts related to the topics they're interested in. When readers click a hashtag, they get a list of forum posts tagged with the same hashtag. You can add a hashtag anywhere
Dec 30, 2018

Let your readers know who you are! You can add text, images, or videos to your profile page. Other forum members can also add "About" descriptions to their own profile pages. To create an About Page
Jan 3

Did you know that you can add Raising Our Tribe Parenting forum as a bookmark or icon to any mobile device or tablet?! In this way, the forum can be used as a web app and make it quicker & easier to
Dec 30, 2018

In your posts, you can add image captions and metadata. You can also turn an image into a link. To customize image settings: Click an image added to one of your posts. Click the Settings icon (looks
Jan 3

Do you want to tag a forum member in a post?  All you need to do is start typing"@" plus the member's name, with no spaces (e.g. @johnsmith), and select it from the list.  After the post is published,
Dec 30, 2018

After logging in/signing up for the Raising Our Tribe Forum, you can personalize your profile by adding images, editing the default name, and filling in your About section. Learn How to Edit Your Pr

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