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Feb 11

You Know You're a Mom of Boys If....(let's share our funny stories)


Edited: Nov 1


My boys are fascinated with shooting each other.


I love my five boys. But raising and training five boys can be quite the challenge. They are loud, messy, energetic and ALWAYS hungry. But with all the hard work it takes to train them, I have found that they add some much-needed laughter into our lives. They have also taken YEARS off of my life in some of their crazy adventures. Yup, being a mom of 5 boys will cultivate a prayer life! You know you're a mom of boys if...


  • You have ever caught your boys in a "pee contest..." off your back deck....with no shame.

  • The word quiet is not in their vocabulary....or the word slow.

  • Everything becomes a weapon, a challenge, or a wrestling match.

  • NO household cleaner will remove the smell of socks, soccer shoes, or sweaty smell from their bedroom.

  • No matter how much you emphasize good manners, they will still think farts are funny.

  • Let's have fun! Share some of your thoughts on raising boys. And comment your funny stories!


#parenting #funny #stories

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