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Walter and michele donnelly

Hi There!

Welcome to our home, my name is Michele. My husband, Walter, and I have been happily married (most of the time) for 30 years. My husband is the Pastor of Strong Tower Church while I work as a Critical Care Nurse. Together, we have been blessed with 10 beautiful children. Like all newlyweds, we began our journey of love with a beautiful storyline that we dreamed for our life. Yes, we would be financially stable (I would never have to work outside the home), our children would be obedient angels sent from above, our home would look like the cover of Better Homes and Gardens and of course, we would have home births, grow our own food, and homeschool with ease.


Obviously, we would have it all together. But then the babies started coming and coming. And somewhere along the way the perfect storm occurred and created this very large, loud, and messy family. Yes, I work outside the home, my "angels" have wings that are barely hanging on, nothing seems to grow in my garden, and I'd NEVER let anyone post a picture of my house for a magazine. As for homeschooling, well, that's the one thing that IS going well....surprisingly. I founded the Homegrown Christian Homeschool co-op as well as the Heritage Academy. Raising Our Tribe was birthed because we are always being asked "how do you do it?" and all sorts of questions about our family. So grab a cup of coffee and sit down with me. Enjoy our little corner of the blogging world.